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Ministries Introduction

Grace Church

We are a group that follows the Holy Spirit:
We believe that we are not relying on power, not relying on talent,It is to rely on the Spirit of God to accomplish great things.We not only exalt Jesus Christ, but the Bible as its authority. We are full of passion and motivation and on fire for the Lord. We dare to seek breakthroughs and innovations. Therefore, we are a place to worship, pray and love the community of Hong Kong.


North West House of Prayer

North West House of Prayer was established on September 9, 2010 which located in the northwestern part of Hong Kong, officially opened at the Blowing Festival, where the Chinese call for the gospel to return to Jerusalem. The establishment of the North West House of Prayer is related to the call of the Chinese to carry the Gospel to Jerusalem. Through prayer, the Silk Road must be seen, such as Xinjiang in northwestern China, and the five Central Asian countries bordering the border. The Prayer House is named after the "North West". It is located in the Tuen Mun District in the northwest of Hong Kong. It will be open to the northwest and the members of the public in Hong Kong for 24 hours prayer.

China-HK United Prayer Altar

The "China-Hong Kong United Prayer Altar" was established in Hong Kong on July 1, 2015, "Hong Kong Reunification Day", and then blossomed throughout the mainland China! The altar is operating in 24/7. Every Monday there is a team who comes to Hong Kong to pray in the China-Hong Kong United Prayer Altar. At least 52 teams a year will become the 24/7 gathering platform for China and Hong Kong!
Everyone is welcome to come to the strategy place China-Hong Kong United Prayer Al
tar. This is a platform to participate in prayer; to achieve the will of the Father God and to prepare a way for the glory of the king, Jesus!

North West Harp and Bowl

Harp and Bowl is the ministry of "worship and prayer". We sincerely invite everyone to serve God.

Time:   10:00am-12:00am (every Tuesday)

Venue: Room 1202, Parklane Square, Tuen Mun 

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